Welcome to Class 6.

During the Autumn Term our second history based topic is 'World War One'

Our learning question is 'Why do we remember WW1?'

Class 6 WW1 Topic Overview

Class 6

Last week Class 6 visited our local army barracks in Preston where the children had to complete drill instructions and join the army just like a soldier in World War One. 

In the afternoon the class visited Preston Archives to complete an historical enquiry activity about soldiers in World War One. The children used primary historical sources to find out about the lives of two WW1 soldiers and had to find information using different primary sources and deciding which information was relevant.

Class 6 Visit WW1

Class 5 and 6 Boys and Girls St John's Football Teams:

A huge well done to both of our St John's football teams for representing the school and working together as a team playing against other Blackpool Primary Schools last week.

Class 5 and 6 Boys and Girls Football Tournaments

Last half-term Class 6 enjoyed a Victorian visit to Quarry Bank Mill. In our history lessons we have been finding out about the jobs poor Victorian children had to do including jobs in the cotton mills. 

During our visit to Quarry Bank Mill we tried out the different jobs and experienced the deafening mill machines. We then became apprentices for the afternoon and visited where the apprentices would live. We were taught a lesson in the Victorian school room, had to make our own uncomfortable bed and even change the chamber pot-disgusting!

Class 6 Quarry Bank Mill Visit

During the last week before half-term all of the children took part in our whole school 'sixty-second' science week. During one of the afternoons Class 2 worked with Class 3 and Class 6 children carrying out 60-second scientific investigations.

On Friday afternoon parents and St John's governors were invited into school to find out about our science week. 

Star of the Week

Class 6 Star Of The Week

Our St John's Year 6 'Bucket List' (Things we would like to do before we leave St John's)

*To become a member of the St John's School Council

*To achieve 'Star Of The Week'

*To be a member of the St John's school football team

*To achieve a pen licence, to improve our handwriting and presentation 

*To try a new sport or activity that we have not done before

*To develop our scientific knowledge 

*To take part in a 'Happy Feet' performance on the stage

*To find out about important historical events 


Class 6 are currently reading 'The Trenches' by Jim Elridge in English lessons linked to our World War One history topic. 

Our class read is Miss Johnston's favourite childhood story 'Danny The Champion Of The World' by Roald Dahl. 



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