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Please read our Class 2 curriculum overview for the year:

Class 2 Yearly Overview 2019/2020

This half-term Class 2 will be finding out the 'Great Fire Of London'. Our history learning question for this half-term is:

"How do we know about the Great Fire Of London?"

Please have a look at our topic overview to find out more about what we be learning about during this half-term:

Class 2 Autumn Term 2 2020

Autumn Term 1 2020

Class 2: Who was Mary Anning and why do we remember her?

Class 2 have been learning all  about Mary Anning.

As part of their history work last half-term, Class 2 children had to think about how and why she is remembered and what they could do to help people know about her and remember her today.

Please have a look at Class 2's Powerpoint about the significant person 'Mary Anning'

Class 2 Mary Anning

As part of their 'Dinosaur' topic Class 2 have enjoyed making information books, drawing dinosaurs with different media in art sketch books and making skeleton dinosaurs!

Please have a look at the photographs:

Class 2 Star Of The Week 2020/2021

Class 2 'Star Of The Week' 2020/2021





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