Welcome to Class 3

Our learning this half-term our first history topic will be focusing on 'The Stone Age' . Our learning question is 'How has everyday life changed since the Stone Age'

Class 3

Class 3 Stone Age History Visit: Harris Museum, Preston

As part of our first History topic about everyday life during 'The Stone Age' we visited the Harris Museum in Preston. We worked as historians handling artefacts and our excavation skills. 


Children In Need-Class 3 and 4 November 2019

The children in Class 3 and 4 enjoyed an afternoon 'off timetable' as part of our 'Children In Need' day. Many of the children chose to be very active and take part in P.E activities on our roof playground-please have a look at the photographs:

Children In Need 2019-Class 3 and 4

Class 3 Trawden Forest School Visit-Lancashire (Autumn Term 1)

As part of our first Geography topic in Class 3 we were finding out about our county-Lancashire and what is unique about our county.

Towards the end of the Geography topic we visited Trawden Forest School to compare and contrast with our school in Blackpool. We practised our fieldwork geography skills and went on a village trail around Trawden and we also visited Trawden Forest Primary School. We would like to thank all of the staff at Trawden Forest School for making us feel so welcome.

Please have a look at the photographs:

During the last week before half-term all of the children took part in our whole school 'sixty-second' science week. During one of the afternoons Class 3 worked with Class 2 and Class 6 children carrying out 60-second scientific investigations. On Friday afternoon parents and St John's governors were invited into school to find out about our science week. 

Whole School Science Week 'Sixty-Second Science'

Star of the Week

Class 3 Star Of The Week 2019-2020



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